Story - One of Best Restaurant in Liguria

Restaurant Da Gin claims a long tradition.
At the beginning of 1900 in Val Pennavaire and precisely in Castelbianco born a tavern run by Mrs. Angiolina and his son Luigi nicknamed Luigin. At first it is an inn for carters and travelers. Luigi at six years remains orphan of his father who died in the 15/18 war, he attends school and works at the same time. At 18 years, however, is still very small in stature and for everybody becomes "Luigin".

At 20, however develops his body and becomes firm as an oak and for all now is only Gin. From this nice story comes the name of "GIN".
Then Gin married Carlotta, very good at preparing homemade pasta and soon famous for her ravioli with herbs.
Adriano, one of their three children, helps them in their business and marries Anita.

With their passion "Gin" from tavern becomes an high-quality "trattoria" and first few rooms are built for tourists.
Marino, their son, is very passionate about wine and becomes a professional sommelier, oil master and taster of coffee; he attends the best wineries in Italy and has contacts with the best oenologists.

Then he marries Rosetta, she too passionate about cooking; attending courses and continuously updates; to help Rosetta and Marino there are also their two daughters, Ludovica and Roberta.
Our trattoria has thus become a small restaurant and a cozy hotel, where families and couples can spend a pleasant stay immersed in nature. Thus keeping for 3 generations hospitality and respect for guest, that are the basis of our welcoming philosophy.

Hotel Restaurant Da Gin

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At few kilometres from the Liguria coast