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Our restaurant has a local-based cuisine rich of Liguria flavors, with dishes derived also from ancient traditions. And then oil and wine torn by the steep typical terraces that taste of history and past.

Chef Rosa D'Agostino studied for you many varieties of dishes and tastes that combined together will amaze and surprise. Born as authentic homemade cuisine, our chef has brought a breath of fresh air. We offer typical traditional courses but not only of course, many invented and created directly by chef Rosa for every taste, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from the most delicate to the one most decided with special notes. A light cuisine but at the same time always tasty and appetizing.

To report the introduction of vegan dishes, healthy foods that naturalist guest can enjoy. We also propose recipes for guest with food disease, offering attractive alternatives. In addition, our products are all "KM-0" and come directly from our garden. That is why our menu is strictly seasonal, with typical products of the period.


Hotel Restaurant Da Gin

Private atmosphere


to Castelbianco

At few kilometres from the Liguria coast